About Us

Broad outline of the organizational structure of the Gujarat Granthalaya-Seva Sangh is as follows:

It is a recognized State Library Association by The Government of Gujarat. Association gets maintenance grant every year from the Directorate of libraries, Government of Gujarat. Association is registered under The Bombay non-trading corporation Act of 1959. Registration number is G.29, dated 15-10-1971. The Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. Registration Number is E-3172, Ahmedabad dated 20-12-1977

It has a printed constitution. New year starts from April of the every year. All income and expenditure accounts are audited by a recognized Charted Accountant. Elections are held every two years by secret ballot papers. Election officer is appointed by Executive committee to conduct independent unbiased election. All types of members have equal right to vote. Association has five Regional sections in Gujarat. Each section has a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and six other elected / co-opted members. Central executive body consists of six repetitive from each regional section and seven co – opted expert members of the Association. This executive committee meets minimum four times in a year. It plans and execute programmes for the Association with the help of regional sections. This executive committee elects its President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Present membership fee of the Association is as follows:- Ordinary membership : Rs.100 Life membership : Rs.1000 Patron membership : Rs.1500 Membership number of the Association varies every year but it is always between 750 to 1000